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Terms & Conditions


Please Keep a few things in mind when considering KweenHaircare Services:

Please give 24 hour notice when needing to cancel an appointment

Any appointment cancelled after the 24 hour mark will result in deposit forfeiture
Please allow 24 hours for me to respond to all inquires 

Its highly recommended to book 2wks in advance 

If there are no slots your name will be added  to  the waiting list and you will be contacted once or if someone cancels

All clients are given a 10 min grace period. If after that 10mins & no communication from the client the appointment will be cancelled & deposit will be forfeited 
No calls no shows ARE NOT ALLOWED & will result in deposit forfeiture as well as client WILL NOT be allowed to book any future appointments    
ALL appointments require NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT


KweenHairCare DOES NOT currently offer refunds nor exchanges. All sales are final.  Thank you for understanding & Thank you for trusting KweenHairCare


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